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The Skriker
Lilian Baylis Theatre
February 2009

This costume was developed from the character of The Skriker, from Caryl Churchill's play of the same name.

The Skriker is a malevolent, shape-shifting dark fairy from the underworld, who appears in many different forms as the play progresses.

Rather than focusing on these however, I wanted to create something which would be a manifestation of the Skriker in its truest state. Whilst still an endlessly shifting form, I wanted also to create an idea of a powerful, malevolent and vengeant creature, and also something ancient, damaged and fragile.


I also created design concepts for all of the Skriker's different manifestations in the play, as well as for all the other characters. Some of these are also shown here, but have not been made into costumes.


Photography by Sarah Ainslie



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